Foot Pain Side of Foot

In case you are feeling foot pain side of foot, then you will be best advised to read on. This article has been written with a view to provide information about the main causes of pain side of foot. We are using this term because most of the people who look through the internet for this information about foot pain.

It is very important to read on if you need to learn more about the specific symptoms that lead to foot pain side of foot. This way, life will be much easier and you will learn all there is to know about the causes of this kind of pain.

Listed here in are the more common of the problems that most foot specialists see on regular basis. However, the list herein is not totally inclusive. This is the main reason why there are some other pages dedicated to discuss the other causes of foot pain side of foot. It is highly hoped that this article will enlighten you more on pain side of foot and its diverse causes.

For starters, some people when they have tendonitis pain especially from the main tibialis posterior tendon in the areas in which it is attached to the inside of the feet will experience foot pain side of foot. In such a case, this is mainly as a result of arches that have collapsed too far.

Foot Pain Side of Foot

Foot Pain Side of Foot

Then, we have tendonitis as a cause of foot pain side of foot. This refers to the diffused pain on the outer sections of the feet just in front of the heel of the feet. Often times, this is mainly as a result of wearing shoes that are too narrow. As a result the peroneus longus tendon that travels all the way down alongside the foot will the cut through under the cuboid bone. It will then become irritated.

The other common cause of foot pain side of foot is bursitis. This refers to the painful and swollen areas that will usually accompany a bunion or tailor the bunion.

Of course, bunions also cause this kind of pain. This is the painful bump seen on the insides of the feet just behind your big toe. There are similar problems that are referred to as tailor’s bunion. These will typically occur on the areas outside the feet just behind the pinky toes.

Cuboid syndrome refers to the pain that is caused outside the feet just below and somewhat in front of the joints of the ankles. This is some subluxation of the cuboids bone. It is normally as a result of sprained ankles or athletic activity.

Another cause of foot pain side of foot is a fracture. Stress fracture caused on the metatarsal bone is known to cause intense pain on the side of the feet. This would be suspect especially people who do not have any history of trauma.

Finally, fissures can also lead to pain on the side of the feet. This is because of the deep skin cuts especially in the side of the feet close to the heel area.

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