Foot Arch Pain

Basically speaking, the term foot arch pain is often also referred to as the strain of the arch of the foot. This kind of pain will normally be caused by inflammations and /or burning sensations that are caused and felt at the arch of the feet. The implication being made here is that a lot of care should be taken to ensure that this foot arch pain is stopped.

We should also shortly review some of the more common causes of foot arch pain. Generally, there are a number of factors that are known to cause the arch pain. The most direct cause may be injuries on the feet. In case of structural imbalances, then chances are very high that you will also experience this kind of excruciating foot arch pain. Whatever the case, you can rest assured that the most frequent cause of such a foot pain is one of the most common conditions. This condition is referred to as plantar fasciitis.

The plantar fascia refers to the broad band of very fibrous tissue that is commonly located all along the feet’s bottom surface. This is the surface that runs from the fore foot to the heels of your feel.
Whenever the plantar fascia is excessively stretched, it will cause the plantar fasciitis condition. This is mostly due to over pronation, a term used to refer to the condition of flat feet. Needless to state, this will lead to excessive arch pain.

Foot Arch Pain

Foot Arch Pain

Whenever the plantar fascia is being stretched all the way away from your heel, then inflammation will result. This will then culminate in a lot of pain in the arch areas and the heel of your feet.

This foot arch pain ranks among the most extreme of pains especially so in the mornings. It is also common whenever the patient will first get from his or her bed after prolonged periods of rest.

In case you leave this condition in the untreated state, then the longitudinal arch will continue to be strained. As a result, bony protrusions will typically develop. These are commonly referred to as spurs of the heels. It is, therefore, very important that you treat this condition at the eeliest instance possible before it gets worse.

The prevention and treatment measures for the foot arch pain should also be reviewed. The great thing to note about this pain is that it ranks among the pains that are generally easier to treat. Those who suffer from foot pain in the arch of the feet are advised to stay away from high heeled shoes. Instead, they should ensure that they go for foot wear that has a more or less reasonable heel. The uppers should be made from leather with soles that absorb shock. The foot insoles should also be removable.

Finally, in case the foot arch pain happens to be pronation related as a result of flat feet, then orthotics should be designed with medial foot heel posts. Proper support of the arch should be ensured so that the pain is treated.

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